We are interested in the highest possible level of qualification of our clients and our partners. The higher the level of training of specialists, the faster and more efficiently tasks are solved on the ground. For manufacturing companies, this means reduced time for diagnostics, operational adjustment and system recovery, and, consequently, an increase in production productivity by reducing downtime.

For ACS developers and system integrators, training allows them to master and use all the functionality of equipment and software, reduce the time to develop and put their systems into operation, that is, to do more work in less time.

Therefore, we offer everyone to be trained in our training center in Aktobe. Classes are held in a specially equipped classroom, which is located in the engineering center of our company. The number of students in the group is up to 8 people.

Our teachers and specialists will not only teach you the tools of the equipment used, but will also willingly share their experience in the development and implementation of automated control systems.

You can get more detailed information on projects in our office at the address: Aktobe, South West district, 8 and by phone: 8 (7132) 906 407, 907 525