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DFL: more than 250 heat energy metering units

Published: 12-11-2021

In November 2021, a three-party financial leasing agreement signed by JSC Kazakhstan Center for Modernization and Development of Housing and Communal Services, Natural Monopoly Entities (NEM) and Technolink in 2015 ended. As part of the CFL, more than 250 heat energy metering units have been installed in the cities of Chelkar, Kandagach, Alga, Aktyubinsk. Currently, residents of houses participating in this social program pay for the services of the SEM on the fact of consumption, saving their money compared to the calculation of consumption per square meter. DFL 2015 today remains one of the most striking social programs in recent times, the contract provided for a 4-year maintenance of metering units and verification after the end of the inter-verification period. The high-quality work of Technolink employees is a guarantee for the further successful operation of heat energy metering devices.