Technolink Kazakhstan: Information for engineers

The company "Technolink" LLP offers services for the integrated design and installation of automated control systems (ACS), automated heating points (ATP), dispatching and monitoring systems.

The direction of the proposed services for automated control systems:
  • Automation of technological processes in metallurgy and mining industry;
  • Automated pumping stations for cold water supply and heating systems;
  • Automated monitoring and dispatching systems;
  • Automated systems for commercial and technical accounting of energy resources;
  • Software for programming and visualization of automation systems.
  • "Technolink" company has extensive experience in designing automation and dispatching systems for industrial and civil facilities and offers a full range of services for the development and implementation of automated systems.

    Automated heating points (AHP):
  • "Technolink" LLP offers the introduction of an automated heat point in order to ensure the rational use of thermal energy and create comfortable conditions for living and working.