traffic management

In 2014-2015, Technolink implemented a project of automated traffic control (ATCS) in Aktobe in Aktobe. As part of the implementation of the First, and to date - the only one, the ASUDD project that has passed the State Expertise, 63 road traffic lights of the city were automated and connected to the Dispatch Office. In conclusion, the State Expertise noted that the system provides for further expansion of control objects and development in the compilation of traffic algorithms and software. The uniqueness of the project lies in the absence of signs of a Complex of Technical Means (CTS) developed by one manufacturer and monobranding of the entire system. The implementation used American software Scada Simplicity, and Schneider Electric controllers: ScadaPack. Control algorithms are developed by the engineering staff of the company. In 2016, the Alma-Ata Energy Institute reproduced the real part of the ASUDD project in Aktobe, which became the topic of defending diploma projects for university graduate students

Unfortunately, the lack of continuity in the leadership of the city of Aktobe allowed the deliberate destruction of the unique ASUDD system, some elements of which still function today, despite the vandalism of the responsible executors.